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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  August 25, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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see you tomorrow night right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. up next, the o'reilly factor. good night from washington, d.c. tonight on "red eye," chris christie releases a frightening new campaign ad, but is it frightening enough to get the gop nomination? we report and you run and hide. and is donald trump right to blame china for the volatile tee in our stock market? we discuss in our new segment, biggy go in little china. is it wrong to drug test students? if we can't drug test animals we may as well test students. first, a news break. >> live from america's news headquarters, i'm kelly wright in new york. good morning. it might be a better day on wall street today. u.s. stock futures have been trading higher overnight following yesterday's 588-point loss by the dow
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industrials. it has been a rollercoaster day in asia. stocks there in most markets markets are opening lower than heading higher, but then pulling back in late trading in hong kong, japan and china. some of the most advanced fighter jets will soon beheading to europe to train with other nation's militaries. one aim is to reassure allies worried about russian aggression. the military won't say where the warplanes are going or when they will deploy. president obama speaking at a clean energy conference in vegas last night. he vowed to take executive action to make it easier for americans to invest in green energy ventures for their homes and businesses. >> there are now more than 500 manufacturers across 43 states. an industry that affects 50,000 jobs and supplies enough energy to power 16 million homes.
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>> the department of veterans affairs says they achieved a, quote, historic milestone in trimming a massive backlog of claims. they reached 611,000 claims in 2013 and claims older than four months are now said to total huer than 100,000. -- fewer than 100,000. it was achieved with mandatory overtime. and sad news out of pennsylvania. indycar driver justin wilson has died from an injury suffered at pocono raceway on sunday. he he was hit in the head by debris that had broke of on another car. he was airlifted to the hospital in allentown where he died last night. justin wilson was just 37. i'm kelly wright. now back to "red eye." >> welcome to "red eye." i'm tv's andy levey in for tom shillue who learned the wrong way he shouldn't leave his coffee cup where i have access
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to it. just kidding, of course. he has laryngitis. i am here with the host of the intelligence support on fox business, trish reegan. and he hosts a chat show on the subway where he asks, good god, is that man pooping? it is dave konig. and she works in -- and it is fox news national security analyst kt mcfar land. and he has been on hit shows like guy code and girl code and gender is a social construct code. comedian andrew schulz. let's start the show. >> chris christie has unleashed his brand of american optimism. here is the gop candidate's new tv ad. >> caping by terry city --
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sanctuary cities and drugs running rampant and destroying lives. iranian radicals with nuclear weapons and now hillary clinton says the law doesn't apply to her. we feed somebody who says what he means and means what he says. we can do it. let's make america a leader again. >> yeah, there were a lot of threats facing america, but what about the biggest threat to cats? >> dumb cat. all right, kt, like hillary clinton you don't think the law applies to you, but enough about that. what did you make of the ad? >> you know, it was really kind of interesting. the visuals. first of all you see all of
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the terrible stuff happening and the eye -- eye yaw toll law's head and then you see hillary's head. as he finished it, it paned to chris christie with what looks behind him like the oval office, the white house. obviousliy is trying to do a lot of things. i think obama will do it for him. >> by endorsing biden? >> yes. i think today -- look. i was in the white house during watergate and there was only one government agency coming after nixon. obama has unleashed three government agencies go after hillary. when the press secretary today was asked about biden getting in the race he made a very interesting comment. he said, well, president obama's most proud of the most bril yept decision he made in his career of appointing joe biden, not hillary clinton. >> trish, welcome to the show. what did you think? effective ad? >> that was some music.
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it was "mission impossible" like. i think he is in a tough position right now. what was likable about christie ahead of the whole bridgegate scandal was he told it like it is. the problem for him is now all of a sudden he is getting donald trump who has effectively taken the role. he is telling it like it is. how does chris christie differentiate himself in this environment? maybe it is the action hero thing with the commercial and the special bond-like music. i don't think it will be enough. voters have been enamored with donald trump that it is making it -- it is succeeding -- sucking the oxygen out of the room including chris christie. >> there is truth to that and i know the dreaded some people think this ad is an attempt to out trump trump. i am not so sure. i think this is who christie s. i think the ad is honest. >> if it is an action movie
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kind of trailer approach by christie, it is not effective because there is not enough action in it. he is just sitting there. if he is going to do an action movie kind of thing he should have a car chase. but his car chase would be on the gw bridge and traffic will be blocking it for hours. or clinging to an airplane like tom cruise and then the plane would have trouble getting off the tarmac. >> you want to see christie walking in slow motion toward the camera with a big explosion in the background and just quietly munching on a hogie. >> how are you, man? >> i'm good. how are you? >> it's been a longtime. is it possible he is doing to readdition for host of "fear factor"? >> no, he is additioning for the new flinstones.
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doesn't he look like a rubble? he has something going on. i like christie. i also like the ad he did. didn't it have that feel? >> you will have to swing that. >> can we show that ad, please? >> it got me out of a lot of trouble in my younger years. jay that's a local ad and you screwed 49 states. >> or a cheap late night lawyer. >> they are branching out and it is a good deal. i don't know. i don't know. what about chris christie. i think hillary's hair looked great. >> i don't even know what that is. >> kt, when i see an ad like this, it makes me think of the
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famous ronald reagan bear in the woods ad. can we show that? we can show that. >> there is a bear in the woods. for some people the bear is easy to see. others don't see it at all. some people say the bear is tame. others say it is vicious. it is dangerous. since no one can really be sure who is right, isn't it smart to be as strong as the bear? if there is a bear? >> wow. >> see, christie should run an ad with the bear cubs that go in the swimming pools in the backyards in jersey. >> but, kt, what i like about that ad is the fear mongering is subtle. >> very subtle. >> and it is not you are going to die if you don't vote for me. >> and the bear is supposed to be the soviet union. >> right. >> so very subtle. >> why aren't they taking lessons from the master, from ronald reagan? >> i don't know.
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>> time to change. >> here is the thing about reagan and i don't mown to say bad things, you have to understand the mood of the country. the mood of the country a couple years ago may have been the fear mongering stuff. the mood of the country now is we hate washington and they are all bums and all crooks. a more effective ad might have been for him to talk about i am going to take the pitch fork and go after washington. >> i think he is trying to out lyndsay gram at this point. >> the fear factor where they are coming to get us. >> you brought up times have changed since the regan ad. >> just television in general. they could be subtle. they could be done well. it is more action packed. just look at how television in general has changed. that's my point. but policy wise, and there is a where we stand in the world and there are a lot of similarities to what we faced with the cold war. >> i am convinced that 2016 is
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absolutely deja vu all over again from 1980. the economy was in terrible shape. we are getting pushed around all over the world and especially by the iranians. americans have lost faith in themselves. who ever can capture that image that regan had that not only these are our problems and this is on how we will sell them, there is no republican party. there were a lot of tribes. there were a lot of tribes today. i am looking for the person who can unite the tribe and not divide. >> thank you for bringing up the horrible things going up on a comedy show. >> it means everything after this will look goodbye comparison. >> you night the tribe? game"game of thrones." we need to bring them together. where is john snow? >> he is so cute. >> you like john snow? >> he is short though. >> okay. who needs joanne nosuchunsky.
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>> owe meanwhile in other campaign news, they sent out a flier where jeb appears to have a black hand. he said that in the original photo a woman standing next to bush cast a dark shadow on his hand. he then superimposed the image on a ceder rapids backdrop. dave, what is this? >> this is someone getting fired on the jeb bush graphics department, that's what it is. they really should proof read these things. perhaps it is a subtle attempt to go after the italian vote from like 1920. >> shouldn't they just not photoshop ads? there is a decent chance you will get yourself in trouble if you toy toe shop and even if you are not giving him a black hand, and it is just -- >> so leach -- so leave the black hand there? >> if you want a peck tour of him in ceder rapids, send his ass to ceder rapids and take a picture. >> everybody is using photoshop right now. >> how did they manage to
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screw up his hands though? >> and here is a real problem. jeb bush has raised an enormous amount of money. >> that's right. to pay an intern of some kind that did not give him a black hand. >> we are not noticing the racist aspect of this ad. the black hand is going into his pocket. >> he is robbing himself? >> it is to take out the wallet of the tas what is messed up -- that's what is messed up and jeb shouldn't stand for. >> there is a possibility that he was black and it was the rest of the body -- >> oh, interesting. >> just a theory. i have no proof of this. i am working on it. >> ceder rapids ? where is that? >> iowa? >> the state of iowa. >> i want to meet the black person that is in ceder rapids. >> i knew people in ceder rapids. >> are they black? >> they are dead. >> you said they live in ceder rapid. >> they lived. >> let's move on. he is a bear in a china shop.
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the dow jones plunged a thousand points on monday morning driven by fears of china's economic slow down. donald trump had an instagram message for his followers, nay for the world. >> i have been telling everybody for a longtime china is taking our jobs, taking our money. be careful. they'll bring us down. you have to know what you're doing. we have nobody that has a clue. >> the usually media shy billionaire offered a solution to the crisis tweeting markets are crashing and all caused by poor planing and allowing china and asia to dictate the agenda. this could get messy. vote trump. meanwhe trump is everywhere and even in some lady's butter. a missouri woman said she opened her container of earth origins organic spread and there was trump's face plain as day. i will get to the butter in a minute. is trump right and our economy is in danger because of
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china? >> china is a threat to the global economy right now. let's face it, we export a lot of our goods and a lot of our things we make to china and around the world for that matter. if china slows, it threatens a lot of other things. it does so because there is a domino effect. one of the reasons so many oil companies, commodity companies have done well in the patt, but no so much lately because the oil prices prices are falling, is there is an insatiable demand from china. without that demand for these commodities, these commodity companies suffer. that in turn hurts these third world countries where a lot of these companies are getting their commodities, say in latin america. that hurts them. it has a domino effect, andy, throughout the world. yes, china is a problem. the other problem is that we have a federal reserve that has given us money, printing money for the last six plus years. they have themselves in a jam because they helped to create
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an asset bubble in stocks. we are seeing people start to get nervous and taking money out. >> that's literally what i was saying before the show. kt, i am not a national security expert like you, but it seems to me the obvious solution here is to drop a [bleep] ton of nukes on beijing. >> well, that is the one alternative. i would say there is a different option. >> liberal? >> what happened in china and what they fear more than thig is an arab spring. the people of china will get together and say this is so terrible let's overthrow our leaders. what the chinese have done in response to this market collapse is they have blacked out any reference -- if you are in china and trying to google market reform or market anything, you get a black screen. they are stoping people's access. i look at this as an
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opportunity to the united states. what are we angry about? they are hacking into everything and stealing our industry secrets and all of the secrets about everything. i think we should go to the chinese now and in a nice, polite way say you have a potentially arrestive population. they are a pre revolutionary society and we will tear down your cyber wall. we will make sure they have access to the worldwide web, that they do have access to social media. >> here is the problem with that, kt, they are our banker. we owe them so much money that it makes it harder -- believe me. i think you are right. i think we ought to play way tougher with china that we have. >> i am not going to pay them. are you? who will pay them? >> hang on. hang on. isn't this why my idea of nuking them is good? then we won't owe them any
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money. >> it is on the table. >> don't dismiss it out of hand is what i am saying. >> what we need to do is build a wall around china. >> they have one. >> a great wall? >> you are saying they already have a wall. trump doesn't like that. >> president trump can fix this. he can go over there and personally buy the wall and then install it on the mexican border. if we will have a wall around this country we should have a great wall. >> got to. move the wall. >> i want the wall by the way between america and canada. >> i don't want the wall. >> i don't want those people coming over here at all. is trump your guy? >> i don't want him to win. i just want him to be around. you noy what i mean? i just like him there. he is the heel. the hero is only as good as your villain, you know? i like him as a villain and i like what he says. i don't like everything about him, but i don't like everything about you. >> you don't like a lot of things about me. >> i like uh rot about you.
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your suit fits. >> it is like "love boat" around here. >> trump's face is appearing in butter. another sign he will win, right? >> a sign he will win and the third sign of the apocalypse, i believe. >> he took that from chris christie important. >> you know why butter is important? they are at the iowa state fair. the big think at the iowa state fair are the butter sculptures. >> this could be a prep anythings of a trump success in iowa. >> i was going to something else, but apparently i don't have time. trish, what will the market do when it opens later today? >> it will be volatile. you can count on that. i can't tell you which direction, but it will be volatile. >> i could have told you that. >> will it go up or down? >> i believe this is the start of a serious selloff that we are in an asset bubble and we have a problem on our hands. but these thicks take time. but these things take time. >> every time you say that i get a little nervous. >> i have to go. drug testing. tell us which drugs you would
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like us to test on andrew before the break or after.
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more and more high schools are announcing plans to drug test students. for example at one school in wisconsin every other week administrators will force five students to submit a urine sample. we pecked from a pool of kids who either have parking spaces or participate in extracurricular activities. schools can't drug test everybody. that's against the law. but the supreme court ruled that administrators can mandate drug testing as a condition of involvement in after school sports and clubs. if anyone is busted they are suspended from the sport's four clubs. instead of spending the day playing soccer they will be
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engaged in other activities like this. >> or maybe this. >> i this isn't good. if you success spend a kid from extracurricular activities for smoking weed, doesn't it just give them more time for drugs ? >> yes. >> do you speak from experience? >> i didn't use drugs until after high school, actually until after college. >> thanks for that. >> i just surprised the [bleep] out of our crew. >> i don't care if you are testing for weed or not. are you really going do it? you test them for steroids. >> that's the thing. kt, i have mixed feelings. i am opposed to drug testing students, but what about performance-enhancing drugs for student athletes? >> as much as i am normally a libertarian on these issues it makes sense to drug test.
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as a parent -- >> i didn't ask why. >> as a paisht you can tell your kids don't do drug, don't do drugs, they do drugs. if you have the school enforcing it, then there is a reason for them not to do drugs. >> these are our taxpayer dollars, let's not forget educating these kids. it is not cheap to educate a child or a teenager in this particular case, a high school student. if they are going to reap the benefits of the education system what is wrong with saying you have to abide by a certain set of rules including don't use drugs. you think about road blocks. you see those on friday or saturday nights especially around holiday time. the police are out there stoping every 10, 15 cars. what if schools were saying, okay, they are not going to single anybody out per say, but they said we will test one out of 15 of you to make sure that you are thought using drugs and not therefore
12:26 am
endangering yourself or other kids in the community. >> i think we should be drug testing everyone starting with the woman in hua what you who saw done -- in iowa who saw donald trump in her butter. i have four kids and they should be drug tested morning, noon and night, believe me. >> do you drug test them? >> well, i should. >> you should. >> i should. >> why are you trying to make the schools do it when you are not following up on your obligation as a parent. >> you are absolutely right. >> you can't answer. >> you are absolutely right. we should also drug test the parents. you have so many parents saying i can't tell my kid not to smoke pot. i was just last tuesday getting high. you should learn how to lie to your children for starters. >> you are not their friend. >> you are not their friend. you are their cop and you should be drug testing them. >> the problem in colorado -- >> what is the pro be in colorado? >> it is legal. >> no one would pass because they are all stoned. >> drug test the teachers
12:27 am
too. >> absolutely. >> i am with that. i think a lot of teachers are doing drugs and there are a lot of teachers having sex for students. let's stop that too. test them for that. >> how would you do that? >> have you changed. >> i have changed. >> how would i test the teachers to see if they are having sex with a student? >> yeah. >> i have ways. i don't know if they are appropriate for television. >> let's assume they are not. >> between you two and asset bubbles i am getting hot and bothered over here. >> we back! >> trish, studies do show kids involved in extracurricular activities are the least likely to be on drugs. is this almost a solution in search of a problem? >> you know what, i see nothing wrong with testing kids that are part of the public education system, that are using our taxpayer dollars. you don't single thib out. you just say we are going to do this.
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it is like road checks. we are going to make sure that you are not doing stuff you shouldn't. i do think it endangers the rest of the kids. it endangers them. why not? >> kids who do extracurricular activities do less drug unless their extra extracurricular activity is getting high jie. good point. the survey may not have looked at that. coming up, half time with -- oh no wait. that can't happen. we are doing regular stories. thngs, tom. thanks, tom.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm kelly wright in new york, good morning. that massive wildfire in washington's oak nothing begin -- okanogan county is the largest in history. firefighters from australia and new zealand are helping coral the flames. washington is taking unprecedented action and inviting volunteers to assist in the battle as well. the flames have so far destroyed about 200 homes and scorched more than 400 square miles of land. >> these fires, the only way to deal with them is like with an elephant, one bite at a time. there is still a lot to eat. >> it appears north and south korea avoided a potentially blood econ flict. talks between both sides lasting more than tort hours.
12:33 am
but they paid off. the north now says it regrets two south korean soldiers were hurt from land mines. in return the south agreed to stop putting out anti-north korea propaganda. there is speculation that continues to grow that vice president joe biden is prepping to throw his hat into the 2016 presidential ring. he and president obama met for lunch today, but the white house won't reveal if biden's political ambitions were on the menu. the vice president says he will let us know by summer's end. an annual survey by the american consumer satisfaction index finds that satisfaction with automobiles dropped for the third straight year to the lowest level since 2004. high new car prices and frequent recalls are partly to blame. of the 27 brands tracked in the index 15 saw their satisfaction scores decline and only acura and bmw improved. and word out of china now that
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the main stock market index plunged 7.6% for a third straight day of declines. i'm kelly wright. now back to "red eye." >> the nfl is introducing a new position, fall guy. as the 2014 rookie symposium wide receiver chris carter offered this piece of available instruction to the new footballers. >> we have a crew and we would like to have a fall guy. letting my home boys know. you want to keep rolling like this, then i need to know who gonna be the fall guy. who will be driving because y'all are not gonna want to do the right stuff now. i have to teach y'all how to get around all this stuff too. if you're gonna have a crew one of them fools have to know he is going to jail. we'll get him out. >> valid point. do they really need a fall
12:35 am
guy? don't they know not all of them will drink and use drugs? they will go to bible study. >> if you will have a crew make sure you know who will be the fall guy, okay? ii know none of all are not ever going to drink and use drugs. y'all are going to bible study. i realize that, but still get you a fall guy. >> it was posted to the league's website over a year ago, but came into question on friday when the 49ers lineman recounted the incident to espn. carter posted on twitter, quote, seeing that video made me realize how wrong i was. i was brought there to educate young people and instead i gave them very bad advice. every person should take responsibility for his own actions. i'm sorry and i truly regret what i said that day. the nfl has removed the video. all right, andrew. carter is right. >> yes. >> thank you. >> a thousand percent. you need a fall guy especially if you have a crew. >> that's what i'm saying. >> we have a fall guy.
12:36 am
you know who that is? shillue. that's why he is not here right now. he was out smoking meth last night. >> as far as we know. the envelope -- nfl had the tape up for a year. >> well, the nfl has a history of being late to the party on these things. but, wow, just watching that, you know, it almost seems like a comedy sketch, but nobody is laughing. >> they are taking notes. >> it seems like the whole -- you know the whole audience should burst out in laughter, but they are taking them seriously jie. he was bombing. he was definitely bombing with the material. >> the nfl -- let's face it. they have not exactly been quick to act on anything. why should we think they will act here? >> kt, you can't have -- sorry to interrupt, but you can't have a fall like when you hit your wife. >> no. that's not what he was talking
12:37 am
about. >> if he was that would be messed up. >> that would be incredibly messed up. >> that's called lying. >> isn't what carter saying, abstinence doesn't work. in a perfect world none of the players would be out drinking late and doing drugs, but we don't live in this world and we have to acknowledge that. here is what you have to do to protect yourself from unwanted jail terms. how amazing is that analogy? >> well, at first he was okay when he was basically saying we need a designated driver because we think everybody -- but then it went a little too far. i think that's a nazi excuse, the one you have just given. >> whoa. >> everybody is taking part so we better take action. >> first they came for the fall guy. he should have just said you need to watch "the fall guy." >> could have been what he was getting at.
12:38 am
and then awkwardly said he miss spoke. we keep being surprised by the nfl characters acting like thuggish gangsters. when i see we i speak of all of america. it is a violent, thuggish sport and we should give it up and arm these guys and let them have a gang war on the field and call it what it is. it is gangster stuff. >> in any other job anywhere else in the country you could never get away with one-tenth of what these players would get away with. you would be fired immediately. somehow it is acceptable, and i know we are kidding around, but the nfl can't look the other way and say okay, fine. >> i agree. >> but it gets to my half joking point that carter is right that what i am basically trying to say is he is not the problem here. the problem is the nfl culture. he was just saying -- >> don't get caught. >> this is the culture you are in right now so don't get caught. >> it is a gangster culture.
12:39 am
it is a gang, thuggish culture. >> i don't see any reason to use racially-loaded words. >> i wasn't, but the nazis would agree with you. >> we treat athletes different. they get away with stuff that nobody else would get away with. >> they make more money. if you make a million dollars you can get away with a misdemeanor. that's what it is. >> no, no, no, no. >> i can't get away with a misdemeanor if i make a million dollars this. >> if you were a guy on wall street if you did that stuff, boom, gone. you would be all over the papers and your bank would say good riddance. that kind of stuff being reported on you? you would be out. >> ""the wolf of wall street." it is a great film. the hooker banging, cocaine use and quaaludes. >> it is not tolerated the same. they don't want that. you are out of a job. >> why can't the nfl hold its
12:40 am
players to similar standards that the rest of the country is held to. >> i disagree. wall street is way more lenient when it comes to drug use and illegal activity. way more lenient than the nfl. there is no way. it is crazy. >> i think that certainly was true back in the day. >> back in the day it was true, but have i to tell you -- i'm around this culture and i am in this culture. this doesn't happen. wolf of wall street there was story of the banker that got in trouble, that was an uh anomaly. it is not as common. >> the music means i have to go. time to take a break. when we come back, break ups on a plane. >> well, hello, "red eye" m nie ions. i have bonnie mcfarland and guy benson. i will see you on the fox business network.
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a woman live tweeted a young couple who was breaking up on a flight. that will pass the time. before takeoff kelly provided a blow by blow on twitter under the # plane break up, original. here are some of her tweets. this guy on the plane just broke up with his girlfriend and she is sobbing. guy, is this really a surprise? are you seriously surprised of this information? girl, great. just great. i am so glad i paid $40 extra to be on this flight. guy, i don't care.
12:45 am
girl, i am glad you don't care. you hate everything about me. >> guy, i will f charlotte and see if the stories match. who is charlotte? >> guy i can't discuss this. >> girl i am not worth your time? sigh let snobs. what the [bleep]. now they are making out. i am not kidding. they ordered six vodkas and bloody mary micks and chugged them in silence between makeouts. i think i lost 50iq points reading that stupid thing. breaking up with someone on a plane is dumb. but i also think live tweeting it is dumb. the woman who live tweeted it included pictures of the couple. >> that's kind of an invasion of privacy. they can take a picture -- granted they shouldn't be
12:46 am
breaking up a plane and having a fight in public and you are stranded in the air. that's not a good place to be breaking up. come on. to tweet out those -- >> i thought it was terrific. >> wow. >> coming out of her shell there. what are you done with this woman. >> she wasn't in the airplane mode with her cell phone, right? i thought it was great. how many times have you been on a plane, a train or in the grocery store line and a total jerk is sitting there making a huge scene? you want to relax. you want to sleep and you have to listen to this psycho drama, these two overly lubricated whatever. i thought it was terrific and i can't wait to do the same thing if i ever see a break up like that. >> a whole different side to your personality. >> make sure you toll kt on twitter, i guess. >> i was feeling awkward about you dropping the f-bombs in front of kt, but now i don't
12:47 am
know. >> apparently she enjoyed them. >> thanks a lot, dave. >> here is the thing, i take the train a lot. people are like in the quiet car and they are talking. i am so tempted to take a i -- to take a picture of them and tweet it out. >> i used to be able to have a drunken brawl on the girlfriend on a plane and no one would know except the police who escorted you off. now the world knows the worst day of your life. people like you tweeting it just for your own morbid fascination. what is wrong with you? >> i want to get andrew involved. if you were on the plane would you have tweeted it? >> absolutely. i am surprised there aren't more. really you don't know if you like someone until you hang out with them without your phone. when you do that their stories are a lot more boring when you can't look at twitter and nod. i think what happened is he is with this girl and they has
12:48 am
his phone and they take their first trip. he has no smartphone and said i need to get out of the relationship. >> you think they were perfectly fine up until that moment? >> up until the smartphone was removed. >> it hadn't been building for awhile. >> it is like how do i get her to shut up? you know what i mean? >> i have a factual thing. can you order six drinks at a time on an airplane? >> for a 50-minute flight? that's a lot. >> look at you investigative reporter there. >> something about that rings false. >> embellishment. >> and she is supposed to be in airplane mode, right? >> they hadn't taken off. >> and then they started making out. >> i don't think they even have you put it on airplane mode. what is the worse that can happen? >> you can use your phone. >> you worked at the pentagon, right? >> were you part of the lie behind that. >> we'll be right back.
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coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye" charles nwa cook. , jesse choice and sherry
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davie. the boston police were the very best like no one was. disaster was averted at the pokemon world tournament as cops arrested two young men who made on-line threats against their competitor. they had driven from iowa to take part of the tournament that has a first place prize of $25,000. but they brought more than their cards. police officers pictured here arrested them after getting a tip from tournament security and confiscated guns and ammunition from their car. thankfully the playing card competition took place without insurance department, unless you count the time a guy tried to play a pikachu against a gio dude. the action of the boston police was so heroic there is already a tv show about it. >> in the criminal justice system, the people are represented by the police who investigate crime. ♪
12:54 am
>> timed perfectly with the music. >> it is a nice night. it is not even a pokemon tournament safe from violence is anywhere? >> definitely not. what is this world coming to? >> i don't know. tell us. >> can we get the pokemon things back? >> no. should we pass legislation to make it harder for pokemon masters to get guns ? >> no, well yes. here is the thing. i feel strongly both ways, but when my kids were younger they were heavily, heavily, heavily into pokemon, about 10 years ago. the pokemon cards were everywhere. i attempted to watch the show a couple times. it is insane. it would drive anyone to homicide. pokemon and pikachu. it is really con -- convulsive and what is that word?
12:55 am
>> anti-phylactic reago? >> yes, an anti-phylactic reaction. i knew you would know it. >> what is the consequences of using one of your candy? >> i have no idea. in all seriousness what was really fascinating about this is it was discovered on social media. the threats are done on social media. the police tracked the social media and they found the guys using social media. that's how we will dpet terrorists. that's how we will get terrorists. the whole debate of privacy. most of the stuff is there in plain sight in social media. we have to understand that is where we go to find it. >> why wasn't this in chris christie's video? >> i don't think he wanted to think anybody thought he looked like a pokemon. >> i think there is something shady -- he has some of the pokemon money i think. andrew here is --
12:56 am
>> lay it on me. lay it on me. >> there was a sense tense in the -- sentence in the article that said it has divided the pokemon community. >> the pokemon community is very strong. i honestly don't know that much about pokemon. you know what was most shocking about this story is it wasn't shocking. >> at this point. >> isn't that wrong? i should be worried there are a couple of kids who are going to shoot up a school or a poe key upon thing. a pokemon thing. i think that's what they do. i need to maybe get on there and react to the twitter and call out these terrorists. you know how the terrorists thrive on instagram. >> it is true. they absolutely make their presence known on social media. >> they are about followers. >> i just want to -- before we leave i want to say for the record terrorists are bad. stop it. you they'd to cut it out. -- you need to cut it out. it is not funny.
12:57 am
a special thanks to trish reagan and kt mcfarland and andrew schulz. that does it for me. i'm tv's andy levey. who ever didn't put that in the prompter won't be here tomorrow. i assure you that. i will be here tomorrow. omp the♪ uh, yeah... well, uh, well there's this one. best insurance mobile app? yeah, two years in a row. well i'll be... does that thing just follow you around? like a little puppy! the award-winning geico app. download it today.
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